A photo of Ben Cruise

How it all started

I’m Ben Cruise, Sales Director at PTL and last year Nigel Kelly, Maxine Powell and I launched Hullabaloos because we wanted to create an exclusive washroom for the very best bottoms – nothing bog standard mind you - just utter luxury and exquisite design for exclusive events and clients who expect meticulous attention to detail.

Another photo of Ben

A bit about Ben

My family founded PTL 22 years ago, so you could say I was potty trained in the business. I studied Law at UWE, went on to Sandhurst and served as an officer for six years. I now live in London with my wife and our pet cocker spaniel Tom.

Ben Cruise of Hullabaloos

The Vision

My vision is to enhance people’s private parties and unique events by providing the best luxury bathroom system available. To do this we use the best design and technology elements to create a “boutique washroom” that is just as comfortable as being in your own home, but luxurious, unique and portable.

Photo of Ben being serious

A serious business

At Hullabaloos we take our work and client service very seriously but we have a great sense of humour too. After all, at the end of the day we are in the toilet business where believe me, a sense of humour really helps at times!

Fifth photo of Ben

Really going places

Since launching, we have taken Hullabaloos to some of the most exclusive private and corporate events in the UK and abroad. The Papal visit to London, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the Royal Wedding, a car launch in Morocco and a private party in Dubai are just some of the things that spring to mind.